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Sarasota and Bradenton Probate Lawyer

Sarasota Estate Litigation and Will Contests

If you are the personal representative or executor of an estate who is facing a challenge from a family member over the provisions of a will or trust, or if you are a beneficiary who feels that the provisions of a will or trust are unfair, it may be time to seek the advice of a lawyer. Will and trust contests can be extremely volatile and emotionally damaging legal proceedings that need to be handled with a great deal of care.

At The John Chapman Law Firm, P.A., I represent both trustees/personal representatives (including institutional fiduciaries) as well as beneficiaries. I have extensive experience with Florida will and trust contests, and I understand what is at stake. I am committed to resolving these issues in the most beneficial manner for my clients. Whether you are acting on behalf of the estate or yourself as a beneficiary, I will do everything I can to obtain a favorable outcome in your case.

I have helped clients with a wide variety of these cases, including ambiguity in the language, suspicion of undue influence, improper drafting or execution of the will or trust, lack of testamentary capacity and many other issues, including probate creditor claims, homestead, and spousal elective share. When you hire me as your Sarasota will contest attorney you can feel confident that your case is in the hands of a professional with the ability to pursue the case and work toward the results you need. Although most cases are on an hourly basis, I will also consider taking your probate dispute on a contingency fee basis.

My experience serving parties on both sides of these cases allows me to provide much more effective representation to each client. I conduct a thorough review of the last will and testament or trust documents and listen closely to your concerns and goals. I build a customized plan of action designed specifically to address the unique issues surrounding your case and engage all appropriate parties in search of a resolution that everyone can support. If necessary, I am prepared to take the matter to court in order to protect your interests.

Helping You Through a Difficult Process

A parent, your spouse, or a close friend or relative has passed away. If you have any responsibility for the decedent’s affairs, perhaps as the personal representative named in a will, one of the first questions that will enter your mind is, "What do I do now?" Few individuals can answer that question, especially during a time of mourning. Further, being named a personal representative or trustee of a trust carries significant legal and fiduciary responsibilities. Here at The John Chapman Law Firm we can help you through this difficult time and help you through what can be a very confusing process. We will review any estate planning documents, such as wills or trusts, and advise you as to the next steps.

Discuss Your Case With a Florida Trust Litigation Attorney

Contact my office today to schedule an initial consultation about your will or trust dispute. I will provide a complete evaluation of your case, help you understand your legal options and give you my best recommendation about how to proceed. You can reach me by phone at 941-218-2542  or via e-mail to get started.

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