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Probate Law

Estate Litigation and Will Contests

A parent, child, relative or close friend has passed away. If you have any responsibility for the decedent’s affairs, one of the first questions that will enter your mind is “What do I do now?” Few individuals can answer that question, especially during a time of mourning. We can. Let us help you with situations like:

  • I’ve been named a personal representative or trustee of a trust.
  • I need to know my legal and fiduciary responsibilities.
  • I would like to work on my own estate-planning documents, such as my will or trust.
  • I’m an estate executor who is facing a challenge from a family member over the provisions of a will or trust.
  • I am a beneficiary who feels the provisions of a will or trust are unfair.

Helping you through a difficult process

I understand what is at stake for you and am committed to resolving these sensitive issues in the most beneficial manner for my clients. I have helped my clients with a wide variety of these cases, such as:

  • ambiguity of language
  • suspicion of undue influence
  • improper drafting or execution of the will or trust
  • lack of testamentary capacity
  • probate creditor claims
  • homestead
  • spousal elective share

My experience serving parties on both sides of these cases will allow me to provide the highest level of effectiveness as I represent you in your dispute. I will conduct a thorough review of the last will and testament or trust documents and listen closely to your concerns and goals. A customized plan of action will be built specifically to address the unique issues surrounding your case and will engage all appropriate parties in search of a resolution that everyone can support. If necessary, I am always prepared to take the matter to court in order to protect your interests. 

Although most cases are on an hourly basis, I will also consider taking your probate dispute on a contingency fee basis.

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Sound advice and customized solutions for your will or trust dispute is one call away.

  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Board-certified litigation specialist
  • Florida Supreme Court-certified mediator