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Guardianship Litigation

As our loved ones advance in years, there sometimes comes a point where they may be unable to make important decisions for themselves or handle their own affairs. In cases like these, it is often best to have a legal guardian who can look after their affairs to ensure that the loved one's interests are fully protected.

Disputes can sometimes arise, however, when your loved one does not feel that he or she needs a guardian or another family member has issues with the person who is seeking legal guardianship. These are complex and emotionally challenging legal issues, and it is critical that you seek the advice of an experienced lawyer who can help you navigate them.

Focused, compassionate assistance

The John Chapman Law Firm, P.A., has represented clients on all sides of Florida adult guardianship cases and I understand how sensitive these matters can be and the potential for harm to familial relationships.  You have my promise to handle your case in a way that shows everyone involved the respect they deserve.

I represent people on all sides of adult guardianship matters, including the following:

  • Guardians who need help ensuring that all legal responsibilities are being properly fulfilled
  • Guardians who are being challenged by a family member or other person
  • Family members or other interested parties who are concerned with the guardian's ability or motives
  • Elderly people who do not feel they need a guardian
  • Elderly people, family members or others who have concerns over the guardian's handling of affairs

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  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Board-certified litigation specialist
  • Florida Supreme Court-certified mediator